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Find instead of searching is a search engines specialised website. The rule of Indicateur is to inform and to assist you during your search.
The site is divided in three independant parts : search engines news, Indicateur's files and search guides.

Daily, Indicateur proposes a complete view of search engines news.
- The press review : every morning, edits a press review, french or english-speaking, about search engines market.
- The articles : Indicateur also edits articles which permit to have a complete view of the particular news of the day.

Indicateur's Files
Indicateur's files are specialized webpages about different types of subjects:
- Search engines : list of search engines the more adjusted to your specific searchs .
- Specific searches : all about new tools and new search methods.
- Numbers & charts : Market shares, popularity, audience of search engines,...
- Search engine optimization : All informations you have to know to submit and promote your website.

Indicateur's Guides
Indicateur's Guides have for objective to assist Net surfers to choice search engines wich correspond to a specific subject / country.
- Thematic guides : List of best portals, directories or tools linked to more than 50 subjects.
- Geographic Guides : Best search engines and directories of 60 countries.

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